About Us


We are a small limited company in the south-west of England and we started our activity from scratch in January 2018, in Plymouth UK.

We started with designing four Giant Colouring Posters, and within six months from creation, Quda UK LTD managed to have four products ready for sale. We set up the company, we have completed the artwork, we have designed the packaging, we printed, rolled and packed. Our first products are now also available to buy on Amazon UK.

Each of our posters, are designed with children in mind. They have an optimistic approach and all characters are happy and they like being part of the scene.

Every Giant Colouring Poster we design, tells a story. We strive to depict day to day scenes, family scenes, we personify our characters when possible, so the kids can relate to them.

We believe in the power of play and we think that play has an important role in a child`s life. We also believe that children that spend more time together with their parents, friends or neighbours, feel loved and secure and this gives them a better start in life.
And this is the story of our posters.

Our next step will be to enlarge the Giant Colouring Posters line and also develop a new product line in the near future.

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Thank you for visiting our website and we hope we will spend more time together!